Your Road to Recovery Is Waiting

Visit Malvern & Frazer, PA's chiropractic center for neuromuscular treatment

When you're injured, you feel helpless - especially if bones are broken or ligaments are torn. You can't enjoy athletic activities or exercise like you used to. Take heart. Dr. Bond specializes in neuromuscular re-education and can rebuild your strength. Go easy on yourself during the initial healing process, and get excited for a physical therapy technique that achieves results.

Take this hurdle in your stride

No setback is ideal, but the experts at Bond Chiropractic look forward to working with you. Neuromuscular re-education combines the following for swift recovery and improved range of motion:

  • Multi-joint movement
  • Weight bearing postures
  • Proprioceptive challenges
  • Progressive resistance
  • Balancing strength exercises
  • Use of dumbbells and hand weights

Together, we can retrain your muscles. The best part is, you can completely avoid the side effects of umpteen medications and drugs. Call 610-640-4440 to start your neuromuscular re-education treatments right here in the Frazer & Malvern, PA area.