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Dr Bond is amazing! And Laura is the Best! They do an excellent job! I wish I could get there more often I love the muscle testing too! He knows his stuff!!!

Darcy N.

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Really 10 stars are needed. Hands down best place for chiropractor care. I couldn't be happier being their patient/client. He helps with every aspect of your life. My children enjoy going as well (8yrs & 3yrs old). He is the one to thank for keeping us balanced and centered. Once you go see him, you'll understand what I'm talking about. CALL AND SCHEDULE TODAY... YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!! Thank you Dr. Bond and family from the bottom our my heart!

Chetenne S.

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Bond chiropractic is a unique center for health and well being. Dr.Bond is concerned with total physical and mental health. In addition to normal physical adjustments he teaches different ways to calm your mind and boost your spirit.
Laura is an amazing lady. Always upbeat and keeps the office running smoothly and keeps doc straight.

Bonnie J.

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Excellent service!!! Thorough assessment of my issue - extremely deep muscle lock at my scapula and left side neck issue. Dr. Bond used several machines and manipulations to relieve these points of pain. The resulting relief was amazing!!!!!

Michael Olden

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Great experience - above and beyond when you need him. Supportive and flexible to get you the help you need. Highly recommend Bond Chiropractic!

Karen P.

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Dr. Bond has helped our family of four recover quickly from a variety of muscular skeletal injuries and helps us maintain health nutritionally with Standard Process supplements.

Laura L.

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Dr. Bond is great. Asks questions to find out what you need for your particular problem, finds it, and gives you what you need to feel better!

Jenna G.

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Great doctor - very knowledgeable and accommodating! Has helped me with numerous problems including plantar fasciitis, back pain, and digestive issues. Very knowledgeable about nutrition.

Nancy V.

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I had couple of great experiences with Doc Bond. The way he was able to "read" me and go straight to the point where I needed to be treated was a pleasant surprise. I had no idea about some of my nutritional deficiencies and just after taking the nutritional supplements I felt so much better. Definitely a game changer to balance my hormones. The other time I was really shocked with his treatments, was when I had a very bad pain on my gallbladder. Doc Bond gave me a energy healing session and the pain went away completely the next day. I was really impressed. I personally prefer alternative medicine. I've found the best way to treat a problem, is at the cause. Most of the western medicine i have experienced, focuses on treating the symptoms. Laura, the office manager, is a very strong woman that has a diverse knowledge about health and healing. She also has great tips about books, and natural medicine.

Theia F.

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Came for immune issues. Would get sinus problems every year.


Neck problems prevented him from having an active lifestyle.


Shoulder pain and how since she's been coming to Dr. Bond how she hasn't had to go to her medical doctor in 3 years.


Neck and back pain, Tennis elbow that was suppose to have surgery on, and a car wreck all left Karen pretty beat up until she came to see Doctor Bond.